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Who we are

Smith and Sons are the largest franchised home renovation company in Australia and New Zealand whose primary mission is to empower builders to own and run a professional home renovation business.

Smith & Sons operates using the Franchise model as this provides the best support mechanisms possible to enable consistent and managed growth which is vital to create profitable, sustainable businesses.

Smith & Sons have a proven record of taking local builders and helping them increase their revenue and profitability through tried and tested business, management and marketing systems.

What we do

Smith and Sons provides local builders the brand, systems, resources and tools to be able to grow a profitable, sustainable renovation business of significant size through providing high quality home renovations to the general public.

Our speciality is taking builders who are only turning over small amount and helping them quickly scale up and become a much larger operation that with the right people can generate good turnover and a level of freedom that the Franchisee has never experienced before.

The building game is tough, but with Smith & Sons you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself as you have support not just from your local support office but from the team of all the other passionate Smith & Sons Franchise Partners.

Our History

With successful Franchised construction businesses already operating in the new home field, the directors of Smith & Sons recognised a gap in the industry where many renovation builders were not able to be a part of these organisations, often due to the expense required to join and operate the business.

With this in mind, the directors of Smith & Sons created a renovation and extension centric brand which allowed smaller builders to access the systems, resources and tools required to build a substantial business but without the large upfront and ongoing costs.

Smith & Sons launched in February 2008, and experienced very strong growth even through the Global Financial crisis due to their ability to assist builders to grow a successful business and quickly scale up. After 10 years, Smith & Sons had 80 Franchise Partners in operation across Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Our Vision

‘To create a positive, lasting impact on anyone who comes into contact with Smith & Sons because – life is better with Smithies’

Smith and Sons vision statement concisely sums up their purpose which is the growth and success of each individual person and business connected to and within the Smith & Sons network, which collectively means the brand organically grows as a whole. This will be achieved through providing exceptional value and a world class experience to anyone who comes into contact with any part of the Smith & Sons team.

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    Better Business           

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    Better Families          

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    Better Communities     

Smith & Sons believe as we make an absolute commitment to ‘making life better’ for our State Leaders, Franchise Partners, our Franchise Partners families and communities, our Supplier Partners, our trades and business partners and our retail clients, by creating this massive value proposition that Smith & Sons is poised to become the leading renovation company wherever it operates.

Our Culture

Our core values in Smith & Sons are Life – Action – Purpose – Team – Passion. These core values determine our behaviour as a whole, and how we act in every meeting or transaction with anyone in or outside of the Smith & Sons team. To deliver consistent service and value, and to grow a sustainable business, culture is vital.

Our culture is so important as this is the way we have so far attracted great people to our team, and with the culture growing stronger each day, will continue to do so. We realise that any person has to be the right ‘culture fit’ for our company as we depend on delivering massive value to all involved, and this needs to be driven by the right attitude and ethics.

Our Future

There has never been a better time to be involved with Smith & Sons. Smith & Sons believe that to succeed three things are required – the right systems, the right people and the right leadership. The team at Corporate Office have been developing and refining systems over the last 10 years to be able to structure for sustainable growth. The Smith & Sons team are a committed, excited group of people dedicated not only to their own success, but the success of others as well. And, the leadership of Smith & Sons has the combined ability to take Franchise owners from where they are now, to where they want to be.

With a clear vision, a culture to attract the right people and an absolute commitment to see everyone involved with Smith & Sons succeed, Smith & Sons are poised for the next season of growth. With the expansion already begin into Canada, the next areas in sight for Smith & Sons are the United States and the United Kingdom in the next few years. The team Smith & Sons are looking expectantly toward the future with positivity and excitement, and it promises to be an exciting time for all involved.

We’d love to speak to you about joining the Smith and Sons family.

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